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Meme thingy! Tagged by :iconanbushirobaka:

1)(I'm sorry Fry, I'm gonna take your oc question because I think it was damn good) If you have your own original characters, who's your favorite of the bunch? Why? If you don't have any oc's, which character from a comic or a tv show have you been obsessing over lately?
Eh. I don't have any original ocs I would mention here! HOWEVER! Can we talk about Mercy from Overwatch and Trinity Prime from Warframe??????? Holy cow :heart: (yes I'm aware that they're games, but life isn't always fair.)

2) An opponent appears! Quick grab a weapon! Two hand sword, bow and arrow, magic or something completely different? Why?
Magics all the way!!

3) What was your favourite meal as a child?
I really really like a thing called koldskål. Look it up. It's awesome!

4) Circus or theme park? Why?
Well this one is interesting. I would say circus. Except that I'm scared of the clowns and the welfare of the animals comes first, so that's gonna be a no. Gotta say theme park. Except that I'm a coward and scared of every. single. ride. that includes fast speeds or tall stuff. Especially the tall stuff omg. I'm that person who protects the bags while everyone's in the ride.

5) Do you have a collection of some kind? Cards? Coins? Dices? Handmade paper stars?
I have a collection of plastic fantasy creatures :D No room to showcase them though D:

6) What is your favourite time of the day?
I love all times of the day! Every time has its peaks and downsides. It's awesome!

 7) If you were being forced to turn into an insect or bug of your own choosing, what would it be?
That would have to be an Arctia caja also known as the Garden Tiger Moth. That creature is the prettiest thing :heart:

8) If you could meet any person on earth living or dead, and ask them a question, who would it be and what would you ask?
I would like to meet up with Barack Obama himself. And ask for his autograph and if he wants to become primeminister of Denmark. :]

9) If you could gain any superpower you want, but your friends, family and loved ones would never recognize you again or believe it was you even though you tried to explain it to them, would you do it?
No. Super powers aren't -that- important. They're awesome, but the consequences would be too much.

10) Do you have any recurring dreams?
I tend to dream that I'm flying, but like in Aion Online, I suddenly start decending towards the ground and unable to take off again because the flightlimit has been reached. >:

11) Which do you like best: digital or traditional art?
I'm very fond of both. I personally prefer digital art, but traditional never seizes to amaze me.

12) Your favourite cd/song/band?
I dunno. This is kinda hard as I listen to practically almost anything presented to me D:

13) If you could live anywhere on/in earth + anywhere in outer space, without taking physical limitations (air, food, weather, gravity, degrees) into consideration , where would you like to live?
Personally I would like to go live someplace gorgerous. In a forest or at the foot of a mountain or by a lake. Preferably all places combined.

I don't tag, so I won't ask any questions. D: It's 00:30 local time. No judging.!
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They say a left-handed person use the creative part of the brain more than compared to a right-handed person.
I do not see myself as an extremely creative person. What I do like however is to create what I see for my inner eye.


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